Are you an existing registered childminder and interested in becoming a member of Integrity Childminder Agency?


As a childminder registered with Integrity Childminder Agency you will receive ongoing support and mentoring that is timely and individual to your business.

You will be kept informed of changes and updates to ensure your knowledge and practice are current. No more worries of not keeping up to date with all the changes.

You will receive annual support visits to help you ensure ongoing compliance with all required legislation, discuss any concerns you may have, any changes required to practice and/or documentation and help you to self-assess your practice. This will support you to be continually and ambitiously developing your business to be the best that you can be.

You will receive visits and training as well as unlimited and responsive telephone email and social media contact to support you in providing the highest quality childcare. You will be part of a team and no longer working alone.

Annual Quality Assurance visits replace Ofsted inspections but still the Agency will assess the quality of your provision by mirroring Ofsted’s Early Years Inspection Framework and outcomes and award a grade in the same way. Seeing the same people who know your practice ensures continuity.

Morton Michel Insurance is included which also gives you the added benefit of access to a range of Flick online training.

Also including is Noodle Now annual subscription and Safeguarding level 1 training.


You will be able to advertise your vacancies through our webpage where parents feel secure in the knowledge that your practice is regularly monitored and supported.

You will have access to an Integrity Toolkit of sample policies and procedures, contracts, medication and accident and emergency records, permission forms, complaints form and templates for recording your curriculum intent, implementation and impact and two year old progress checks.

Registration, administration and insurance fee to join is £150 per childminder then a direct debit of £25 per calendar month includes all the above.

Additional costs include: GP Health declaration, any new DBS requirements, safeguarding and paediatric updates.

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