Integrity Childminder Agency’s vision is to provide high quality inclusive childcare that you can be confident is the best start for your child. This is achieved by placing the child in the centre of all that we do, remaining vigilant to safeguarding at all times and ensuring a flexible, highly skilled workforce. All our childminders complete a rigorous registration process and benefit from a wide package of continuous professional development opportunities, regular support and annual assessment.

Our mission is to ensure that all Integrity Childminding Agency childminders are highly skilled professionals in childcare, providing the best learning, development and care for your children.

Our aim is to encourage childminders to continually self-reflect on their day to day practice, driving an ambitious vision for the development of their service and outcomes for their children.

All our childminders and their family members are signed up to the Disclosure and barring update service and our values of integrity, inclusion, safety and wellbeing in all that we do, are core principles shared by our childminders.

Here you will find further information on childminders registered with Integrity Childminder Agency. If you require further support in securing suitable childcare, please do get in touch with us.

You can view our registered childminders below. Click on their profile to see further details.

Sarah Bartle Childminding

Sarah Bartle

Staffordshire Moorlands- Biddulph

Home from Home Childcare

Lisa Colclough

Tamworth - Staffordshire


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