Meet Our Team

Denise Lawton

I have worked in Early Years for over 28 years. My roles have included Registered Childminder, Childminding Network Co-ordinator, Quality Support Consultant and TAQA Level 3 Assessor and Skills Coach. I have led on pre-registration training for childminders for many years within Staffordshire which resulted in a growth of 50 to 100% of childminders achieving Good or Outstanding grades at first inspection. I have sensitively supported a range of settings to reflect, understand and address the points identified during their inadequate or requires improvement Ofsted inspections, empowering them to understand and address the areas for improvement identified, implement effective change, raise outcomes for children and achieve an improved grade.

I have recruited, trained and assessed a NCMA Childminder Network of childminders taking them through accreditation, the network progressed quickly resulting in a waiting list for membership. I completed a PTLS qualification and developed, marketed and delivered a comprehensive range of current, high quality face to face, webinar training and childminder forum workshops. I have achieved a level 4 Leadership & Management qualification and working in partnership with the local Children Centre Co-ordinators, I have supported them to meet identified priorities through case studies, planning and delivery of district workshops and through social media platforms.

On completion of the TAQA Level 3 Assessor and Skills Coach qualification, I worked with young people to mentor, support and assess them against exacting requirements resulting in successful completion of level 3 childcare qualifications.

I currently administrate a closed Facebook group: The Pulse Childminder Group enabling childminders to share ideas and exchange current information, consequently developing best practice and quality improvement in the Early Years sector.

Kerry Vaughan


I have worked in Early Years for over 25 years. My roles have included being the Manager of a preschool playgroup, Development officer for the Preschool Learning Alliance and 10 years as a Quality Support Consultant for the local authority.

My primary role within the local authority was setting up and supporting all forms of childcare provision to meet the demand within Staffordshire for funded places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds and before and after school provision. This involved working closely with the manager of the Childcare and Sufficiency department within the local authority and the Family Information Service. In this role I accumulated knowledge on EYFS and Childcare Registers, SEND, Safeguarding, and training both face to face and webinars. I have been involved in many projects including the management advisory boards for children’s centres, improving the family visiting days at Stafford Prison, Brighter futures in Stafford, and supporting the setting up of outdoor nurseries.

My qualifications include a BSc (Hons), Level 3 Early Years, Level 4 Leadership and Management, PTTLS, Pen Green and Designated Safeguarding Lead. I have also had experience of working with older children and young adults through my role as voluntary a parish youth leader for the BCYS. I currently administrate a closed Facebook group - The Pulse Early Years Group - which provides local childcare provision with up to date information from a broad range of the Early Years sector as well as a platform for the sharing of good practice to improve the quality within the Staffordshire settings and the surrounding areas.